​​She sold her first painting on a Falmouth sidewalk when she was 18 yrs. old.  Since then, her artistic talents have been enriched by her studies of fine art at the Massachusetts College of Art and the University of Georgia where she earned a BA as well as a BS Ed.  Her formal education has taken her to Avignon, France where, on scholarship, she studied Art surrounded by the beauty of Provence and received an MFA through American Universities.  While watercolor is her primary medium, Corinne is also a fibre artist and at one time raised her own sheep for their wool fleece.   Corinne spins wool, silk, cotton and angora into yarn and dyes her yarns with natural dyes.  She weaves, knits and makes handmade felt with her handspun, natural dyed yarns.  Raising the medium of fiber as an art has been her goal.  As a fiber artist, nature’s gift of the beautiful colors keep me working with natural dyes as well as a mission to keep alive the ancient methods used to produce these natural dyes.  By teaching and demonstrating these methods, I educate and keep alive these historical methods that are natural and produce such profoundly beautiful color. Fond memories of her own small flock inspire her to use sheep as a main subject in many of her paintings.   

Corinne is a member of the New England Watercolor Society, Cape Cod Spinning Guild, the Weaving Network and the Cotuit Center for the Arts. Producing art work inspired by a lifetime of enriching experiences with people she has met and places she has lived or visited, her goal is to capture the emotional connection to her subject and share the beauty of human emotion with the viewer whether it’s old cotton barns in Georgia, a Cape Cod shore or a field of lavender in Provence.


Life Member Georgia Watercolor Society                                   Cape Cod Museum of Art
Cape Cod Museum of Art                                                             Cotuit Historical Society
New England Watercolor Society                                                Centerville Historical Museum

The Weavers Network of Cape Cod                                            Cultural Center of Cape Cod

Cape Cod Spinners Guild                                                             Dennis Manse

2017 Georgia Watercolor Society Members Exhibit                  Greenbriar Nature Center
2017 Cape Cod Museum of Art National Exhibit                        Thomas Burgess Museum
      Freedom of Expression                                                         Titcomb's Book Shop

2016 Cape Cod Art Association National Exhibit                       High Museum of Art Atlanta, GA   
      Honorable Mention for "Black Lamb"                                   Dennis-Yarmouth Adult Education
2016 Cape Cod Art Association Artists Choice Exhibit              Cotuit Center for the Arts 
2000 Douglasville Cultural Arts Center National Exhibit                
 2000 Thomasville Cultural Arts Center National Exhibit                
2000 First Place Hand Spinning/Wearable,                                     
                Handspun Brown Cotton                                                   
2001 Best of Show South Cobb Arts Alliance                                  
2002 Georgia Watercolor Society Members Exhibit                        
1999 Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibit                          
1999 Second Place Atlanta Artists Center Exhibit                            


Corinne Lilie

The Cape Cod shores, Corinne’s first source of inspiration, continue to be an underlying influence in her painting today.  Corinne can’t remember a time when she wasn’t either sketching or painting.