5 Weeks, Tues. 11:00 am-1:30 pm

Beginning March 6, 2018   Fee:  $80

Contact Corinne directly to register for class: or 508-681-5555

D-Y Adult Ed:

Wed., March 14, 2018 4 wks. Watercolor A Beginning/Beginning Watercolor   6:30-8:30 pm fee $95

Thurs., March 15, 2018  4 wks. Watercolor And More/Intermediate Watercolor 6:30-8:30 pm fee $95

To Register go to D-Y Adult Ed or Contact Program Coordinator Suzanne Kenney at or Contact Corinne directly 

This five week class is for those who have previously been in my intermediate level class or who otherwise have intermediate to advanced experience with watercolor and would like a focused, directed-study, one-on-one learning experience.  Please contact Corinne about setting up a time to discuss the options for your individual focused, directed-study.  Fee: $80
​Contact Corinne: or 508-681-5555

​WATERCOLOR · A BEGINNING                                                        
This class is for those who have dabbled with watercolors a little or a lot or never had a watercolor brush in their hand. Basic art and watercolor techniques, drawing for the watercolorist, color value, composition and use of various watercolor materials are the focus of this class.  Each class will begin with a lecture and painting demonstration by the instructor.  The students will have the remainder of the class to paint using the techniques demonstrated with one-on-one guidance with the instructor.  Corinne’s goal is for you to develop confidence in the use of basic watercolor techniques, have a desire to continue working with watercolors and develop a new appreciation of the medium in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 


 This class is for those who have experience with basic art, drawing and watercolor techniques and a desire to add to their watercolor skills and experience.  The focus of this class will be to add to basic knowledge of the medium and take your watercolor skills to another level.  Some of the things covered in this class will be adding figures to the landscape, use of the white of your paper, getting bold with color, how to deal with shadows, reflections, halos, more about washes and composition with a different perspective. The goal for this class is to increase confidence with the medium and inspire a desire to increase skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.                                                                   
Private Instruction $25/hr.  Sessions are 2 hrs. each and arranged at mutually convenient time.   Sessions are 4 weeks and limited to two students each session for maximum one on one instruction.  Contact Corinne to schedule. or 508-681-5555